A Unique Place to Advertise Your Business for No Cost

Post Date: June 11th, 2011


A new and cool strategy that I've been seeing lately for marketing is maximizing the photo spaces on Facebook's business pages.  There are five spaces at the top of the page where Facebook will pull photos from your albums or wall.

Did you know you could create a profile album and create your own advertising photos?  Indeed you can.  

The image space is very small (thumbnail size.)  If you wanted to invite people to sign up for your newsletter you could create a small thumbnail image that says, "Join our award winning newsletter!"  The ideas for micro-messages are endless.  

Do you have a book, a seminar,  product or service that you could mention in the photo section?

Here is the trick – upload your photo and then put the URL that you want to send people to in the photo description.  When they click on the image they will see the description with the URL.  It's just that easy.

Quick note; the image placements rotate in random order.

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