Consistency Wins the Day

Post Date: February 27th, 2012

I have indeed dropped the ball when it comes to consistently putting valuable content in front of subscribers.  And, I'm sure many of you reading this will be able to relate to this problem.

It's called complacency.  You wonder who is actually reading your content right?  You get busy like I do and creating a short bit of content just gets further and further down the list of things you need to do in a day.  

Here is a hard truth that I see as a result of not consistently putting out quality content.  I had been growing my Twitter list quite nicely at about a 1,000 people per month.  Then I stopped adding fresh tweets, retweeting and engaging with my followers.  Result: less than 500 new followers in a month.  (And, this is only Twitter, not counting the cost of non-engagement with Facebook, LinkedIn or blog subscribers.)

People will most definitely look at your tweet history to see if you are a real person who actively engages with followers and who has valuable content to share.  

I hadn't checked my @Mentions in almost 3 weeks and there was a potential new client there waiting for me to contact him.  

You may think that no one is paying attention to you, reading your content or reaching out to you personally, but they are. 

It's, of course, never to late to pick up the momentum again and add content and reach out to your followers.  That's the beautiful thing about social media.   

(Statistics courtesy of

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Facebook Fan Page vs. Personal Profile – Which is more effective?

Post Date: August 27th, 2011

Are you struggling trying to get Facebook fans? The bigger questions should be; what type of engagement are you getting with your fans?

A fan page is more of a one way conversation. You are sharing your business news with your fans and they can comment at will. However, how can you tell what is going on in your fan’s business?

Fan page = you talking about YOUR business – period – one-way conversation.

Personal Profile = you get to talk about YOUR business, AND, you get to find out what’s going on in your friend’s business as well – two way conversation.

How can you let someone know that you care about them and what is going on in their world? It can be as simple as clicking on the “like” button on someone’s status update on your Facebook wall. It doesn’t have to take much time or effort on your part to engage with people.

Isn’t engagement the whole reason you have a Facebook account?

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Finding Quality Tweets to Respond To

Post Date: July 11th, 2011

Having problems finding quality tweets to reply to or to retweet?  It can be very time consuming to have to wade through the hundreds of tweets to find something to respond to. There is an easier way to manage that task.

My favorite thing to do is look at my followers list.  Just click the link on your profile page for followers and you will see everyone who is following you.  But what is even better is that you will see a short bio of everyone. 


When you find someone whose profile resonates with you, then add them to a list that you’ve created of your favorite people.  Then once a week when you want to respond to someone you can simply go to your list and see all of the tweets by your favorite people.  No more will you have to wade through the hundreds of tweets to find the people you most want to stay in touch with.

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Using Twitter’s @Mention Link

Post Date: July 4th, 2011


You may not be aware that you have much more efficient ways to engage with people on Twitter.  Did you know that you can click on the “@mention” button on the top of your tweet feed to see if anyone is responding to one of your posts, or better yet, speaking directly to you?

You can even click on the > button on the right of the @mention to see what someone is responding to.  Twitter has done a fantastic job of giving us the means to quickly process through this type of engagement strategy. 

Not only is this a great way for you to see who is talking to you, this is actually a much better way of communicating with someone you want to talk to rather than doing a direct message (DM).  

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A Tool to Help Track Your Social Media Statistics

Post Date: June 18th, 2011

Here is an old adage… You get paid on what you measure.  It's an old saying, but a very accurate one none-the-less.  

I came across a very inexpensive but useful website/tool which helps you measure your social media statistics,  

By tracking your statistics you can see what is working and what is not.  So many business owners think they know what their customers want or are talking about, when actually they don't really know at all, they are guessing.

Getting real statistics is the only way you are getting a feel for whether your posts are actually being read, you are getting new fans or followers, people are commenting on your posts, etc.  

By looking at your stats you can see if you need to beef up your titles, if your new fan page elements are working, whether your questions are engaging or if your promotions are getting any play at all.  

Take the guess work out of your social media and begin measuring your efforts.  You'll be glad you did.

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A Unique Place to Advertise Your Business for No Cost

Post Date: June 11th, 2011


A new and cool strategy that I've been seeing lately for marketing is maximizing the photo spaces on Facebook's business pages.  There are five spaces at the top of the page where Facebook will pull photos from your albums or wall.

Did you know you could create a profile album and create your own advertising photos?  Indeed you can.  

The image space is very small (thumbnail size.)  If you wanted to invite people to sign up for your newsletter you could create a small thumbnail image that says, "Join our award winning newsletter!"  The ideas for micro-messages are endless.  

Do you have a book, a seminar,  product or service that you could mention in the photo section?

Here is the trick – upload your photo and then put the URL that you want to send people to in the photo description.  When they click on the image they will see the description with the URL.  It's just that easy.

Quick note; the image placements rotate in random order.

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When Was the Last Time You Were Able to Comment on a Tweet?

Post Date: June 4th, 2011


I have to admit that I often get frustrated in Twitter when I’m looking to engage with other people via their tweets.  I go through at least 100 tweets at a time, and I’m lucky to be able to find one or two that I can retweet, let alone actively respond to.  

The majority of people that are posting tweets aren’t thinking about how they can engage people in a conversation.  They post statistics, industry news, quotes and things that are great.  I say great as long as they are also posting tweets that directly engage someone.    

You can engage people by asking questions, asking for opinions, asking for a review or recommendation, etc.   You should check your twitter account at least twice a week if you are asking questions to be sure to get with people while they are still thinking of you.

Let me give you two examples of questions I would ask as a social media manager:

1)  How many tweets do you post on average in a week?

2)  Can you help me with an article by answering this question? Have you gotten any new clients or customers in the last 2 months from Twitter?

I’d love to here your comments or feedback.

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To Get Customers for Life Give Them What They Want

Post Date: May 28th, 2011


Social Media is now considered a resource avenue for medical advice and information.  When I read that 41% of the 23,000 people surveyed said they use Facebook as a medical resource I was astonished.  They were looking for videos, tips on dieting, treatment recommendations and more.

The take-away from this statistic is that it is more advantageous now more than ever to use good keyword strategies in not only your website, but your social media sites as well.  

If you are writing blog posts which feed into your Facebook page, then I would suggest doing some keyword analysis before writing your article.  Google has a free keyword analysis tool that is very easy to use.  Simply go to and type in to the search bar – Google external keyword tool.

If people are searching Facebook for information, then they will be doing so with the help of Facebook's search tool.  Therefore, I would suggest you write your blog article title to include your keyword.  The title of your blog post/article will definitely make it into your Facebook wall with only a short 2 or 3 line description.  

Many of you may have heard the phrase, "Content is King on the Internet."  It is still true that people are primarily on the internet for information purposes.  To give people what they really want, you simply need to give them quality information consistently.  If you can do that, then you'll have a follower for a very long time.

Statistics courtesy of

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Having Problems Coming Up With Content for Your Facebook Fan Page?

Post Date: May 21st, 2011


Facebook Fan Page ContentI learned of a new trick to come up with a unique way to provide content for your fan page from Let’s Get Social Founder, Kate Buck.  

Just about everyone who is active on the internet today knows about Google Alerts.  If you don’t, this is a free service from Google that lets you monitor the internet for information based on a keyword.  For example, I have a Google Alert set for “Dona Kerr.”  That means that anytime “Dona Kerr” is mentioned on the internet I’ll be notified.  I told Google to send me an email once a day to let me know of all of the “Dona Kerr” mentions.  You can access Google’s alert tool here:

Here is the really cool way to take advantage of this…

While you are setting up your Google alert you choose to have the results by RSS feed instead of by email.  You can copy the URL link for the RSS feed and add it to your Facebook fan page through an application called RSS Graffiti.  You can actually set up several blog feeds that supply content to your fan page’s wall.  

If this sounds too complicated, or something you don’t want to do yourself, of course, we’ll take care of that for you.

The goal is provide valuable content for your fans consistently, and this is a remarkably easy and automated way to accomplish that task.

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10 Things You Can Tweet About

Post Date: May 1st, 2011


I speak with many small business owners who have very little knowledge about tweeting. They understand the need to have a consistent social media presence, but don't know what types of messages to convey.  
It gets a little trickier when you have to then convey your message in 140 characters or less, as well as considering whether your tweets should include a link or not.  Not all tweets should contain a link since this may be thought of as over-selling. 
Here is a list of 10 things you should consider tweeting about:
1) Your favorite quotes.  This tells people a bit about your values, which is important when getting people to know, like and trust you. It is also something that people can easily retweet.
2) Let people know of your current blog posts – give them a shortened link (tinyurl) to your actual post, not a link to your general blog.
3) Industry news – let people know of the latest news that may benefit them. It can help create credibility and sets you up as a resource.
4) Events that you are involved in or hosting – give them a link to a website/webpage that gives more information about the event.
5) Your products or services – let people know what you have to offer. Give them a link to your products/services webpage.
6) Personal information – give people a chance to get to know you as a person. People feel better about buying from friends. 
7) Invite people to "Like" your Facebook fanpage.
8) Review something in your industry. This could include a book, website, class, report, etc.
9) Share any videos that you have created.  Give them a link to the video, either through youtube or your website.
10) You can tweet about other people's products and services as an affiliate and earn extra income in the process.  

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