Consistency Wins the Day

Post Date: February 27th, 2012

I have indeed dropped the ball when it comes to consistently putting valuable content in front of subscribers.  And, I'm sure many of you reading this will be able to relate to this problem.

It's called complacency.  You wonder who is actually reading your content right?  You get busy like I do and creating a short bit of content just gets further and further down the list of things you need to do in a day.  

Here is a hard truth that I see as a result of not consistently putting out quality content.  I had been growing my Twitter list quite nicely at about a 1,000 people per month.  Then I stopped adding fresh tweets, retweeting and engaging with my followers.  Result: less than 500 new followers in a month.  (And, this is only Twitter, not counting the cost of non-engagement with Facebook, LinkedIn or blog subscribers.)

People will most definitely look at your tweet history to see if you are a real person who actively engages with followers and who has valuable content to share.  

I hadn't checked my @Mentions in almost 3 weeks and there was a potential new client there waiting for me to contact him.  

You may think that no one is paying attention to you, reading your content or reaching out to you personally, but they are. 

It's, of course, never to late to pick up the momentum again and add content and reach out to your followers.  That's the beautiful thing about social media.   

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