When Was the Last Time You Were Able to Comment on a Tweet?

Post Date: June 4th, 2011


I have to admit that I often get frustrated in Twitter when I’m looking to engage with other people via their tweets.  I go through at least 100 tweets at a time, and I’m lucky to be able to find one or two that I can retweet, let alone actively respond to.  

The majority of people that are posting tweets aren’t thinking about how they can engage people in a conversation.  They post statistics, industry news, quotes and things that are great.  I say great as long as they are also posting tweets that directly engage someone.    

You can engage people by asking questions, asking for opinions, asking for a review or recommendation, etc.   You should check your twitter account at least twice a week if you are asking questions to be sure to get with people while they are still thinking of you.

Let me give you two examples of questions I would ask as a social media manager:

1)  How many tweets do you post on average in a week?

2)  Can you help me with an article by answering this question? Have you gotten any new clients or customers in the last 2 months from Twitter?

I’d love to here your comments or feedback.

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